What do I need to fly a drone in America?

Do your own research but this is what I found.

Before you fly a drone in America, you need to register your drone. This is a relatively painless process and costs $5.


Filling out the form is easy enough. First decide whether you're flying recreational or commercially.

Then fill in your details (Address etc), followed by $5 (You have to be over 13 years of age!)

Once you've registered, you'll be given a nice licence/certificate that fits into your wallet and be asked to label up your drone.

Here are a few simple rules that they ask you to follow:

You should then probably download the Be4youFly app that tells you about places you can and can't fly.

Google link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gov.faa.b4ufly2&hl

Apple Link: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/b4ufly/id992427109

My Flight

With this being my family holiday and visiting Disney and Universal theme parks and water parks most of the time, I only managed one flight.

It was a flight at the back of the villa we stayed at (Glenbrook resort). I went to see if I could find any Alligators....


My Photos

Here are some photos that I took, these are low res pictures. If you're interested in higher res art work then look at my pic fair page.