Drone adventure to find Dame Mary Bolle’s water tower – Heath Common Near Wakefield

I’m off into Wakefeld for lunch today, so thought that I would take the opportunity to have a drone adventure to have a closer look at Dame Mary Bolle’s water tower.

I noticed it when I had my first drone adventure at Heath Common and have since done some Googling to find out more.

Dating to C17, this five-stage, square water tower was originally associated with the now demolished Heath Old Hall. Some high-level repairs were carried out in 1980s but low-level masonry and interior are in poor condition.



I have checked the weather and it looks good but need to keep quite low as the find higher looks strong:

Looked at Google Maps to decide a takeoff point (X Marks the spot):

Measured the distance between the takeoff point and the tower (Under 500m, so JUST okay … may see another takeoff point when I get there):

Checked that I am 50m away from other building:


Hopefully, I’ll have a safe Drone Adventure and post the pictures and video on this blog.

First flight at Heath Common back in September 2017: