DJI Phantom 3 Pro to Mavic 2 Zoom decision

Deciding whether to move from the DJI Phantom 3 Pro to a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

I'm turning a certain age at the end of April, and being asked for Birthday present ideas and I thought that, given I am travelling abroad in Summer this year, it may be good to have a smaller drone that I would easily carry onto an aeroplane so that I could have some Drone Adventures abroad.

DJI Spark

My initial investigations brought me to the DJI Spark. It looks like a good option. Small, okay camera, within my price range (Looking at around £500), it would make a good companion with my DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

Some things that I wasn't sure about, was the 2 axis gimbal rather than three plus the range. My Drone Adventures often need me to go the full 500 metres.

DJI Mavic Air

I then looked at the Mavic Air which was around £720 at the time of writing. This looked like a good option, small, 3-axis gimbal, 4k camera, good reviews. decent range.

Then I thought ... If I'm spending this money, then why not look at the new Mavic 2 range and replace my DJI Phantom 3 pro.

This would bring the price down if I got a decent price for my DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

DJI Mavic 2

Now, I looked at the Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic 2 Zoom.

I know that the they are the same drone except for the camera. To be honest, I chose the zoom over the Pro because of the price and the fact that I love the idea of the zoom lens and how this might improve my video.

I was hooked, and that's why I'm getting the Mavic 2 zoom for my birthday.




I now have the Mavic 2 Zoom and have sold my Phantom 3 Pro.


Moving from a DJI Phantom 3 pro to a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Here is my unboxing video .... WARNING IT's NOT GOOD... but quite funny and fun to do

Here is my very first flight of the Mavic 2 ZOOM.

The main differences between the DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom

  • The size... It is sooo much easier to carry the Mavic 2 zoom around
  • Set-up time. Even though you have to unfold the Mavic 2 zoom, it is sooo much quicker to set up than the Phantom 3 Pro
  • Noise. I am a little deaf (My wife says) but the P3P was noisy and the Mavic 2 zoom is quieter
  • Features - There are so many quickshots and other features to try out on the zoom
  • Zoom lens. I was a little concerned when buying the Mavic 2 Zoom that the zoom lens would be a gimmick but it really is useful for finding things, composing photos and getting nearer the action if you don't fancy flying too close
  • Steadier ... Although the Phantom 3 Pro was pretty steady, the Mavic 2 Zoom is ROCK steady.
  • Battery life - It's great being able to have an extra 10 minutes flying time


If you have found this useful at all and fancy buying a Mavic 2 then please consider using the affiliate link below. It gives you exactly the same deals that you would get anyway but also gives me a small amount for pointing you in DJI's direction.