Drone crash - Drone Insurance
NOTE: None of this is advice, just my experiences.

Do I need Drone Insurance?

Legally, you don't need drone insurance in the UK as a hobby Drone Adventurer. This page is written for the recreational Drone Adventurer, as hopefully any commercial drone pilots would know about Drone insurance.

BUT, If the question was, "Should I buy Drone Insurance", then the the answer depends on you.

There are two main types of insurance:

  • Personal liability
  • Equipment insurance

Personal Liability

I personally believe that everyone should have this. If your drone crashes and harms someone or someone's property then this insurance could cover you from such a claim.

I guess, if you're flying a tiny Hubsan drone, then the likelihood of doing any damage is small, but even a Mavic Mini could cause damage.

Even the best Drone Adventurers make mistakes or have drone equipment fail and this could result in having to pay thousands of pounds in damages.

For me, the best two ways to do this was:

  • Through the BMFA (This is good if you want to be part of the model flying club)
  • Through Coverdrone Insurance (This link gives me a small amount of money if you buy insurance)
    • (Please say that you heard aboutCoverDrone from my website)

Equipment insurance

Equipment insurance is, how you might think, the insurance of your drone equipment.

For me, this is more of a choice. How much is my drone worth and could I afford to replace it if it's stolen, damaged or lost....

For me, it give me the piece of mind and actually makes me less nervous when flying the drone, allowing me to concentrate on having my Drone Adventure.

Some important things to consider when when looking for this type of insurance:

  • Am I covered when flying the drone? (Some photography insurance doesn't)
  • Are there any restrictions on the number of flights?
  • Does the drone insurance cover me when I am in transit with the drone
  • Does the insurance cover me when abroad?
  • Does the drone cover me when flying a night? (Not all do!)
  • Is the drone covered when flying over water (An important one for me!)
  • Will I be covered if the drone has a fly-away and I can't find the drone?
  • Will the insurance cover me for a new drone (New for old)?

For me, the drone insurance company that covered these points at a reasonable price was Coverdrone but please do your own research.

NOTE: I do get a small amount of money from Coverdrone if you use this link and let them know that you found out about them from this website but I found them independently and later asked for an agreement after I wrote this.

Other considerations

I have never had to make a claim (Touch wood!) BUT I imagine that if I did have to make a claim, then the insurance company would want to ask questions and to make sure that I wasn't doing anything silly.

The insurance does say that you will follow the Drone rules in the country, for the UK:

  • Keep 120m or below
  • Your drone must weigh under 20kg
  • Ensure your drone is always in sight (Normally classed as within 500m)
  • Keep away from no-fly zones (Check out my Useful links page for the NATs app)
  • Use your common sense and fly your aircraft safely
  • Register with the CAA if your drone is more than 250 grams
  • You must not fly within 50 metres of people, vehicles, buildings or vessels
  • Your drone must not be flown within 150 metres of a congested area or any large group of people (1000 people or more)

For more details, check the drone safe website.

Drone Insurance Video

Take a look at my Drone Insurance video

There is, of course DJI Refresh. This is decent enough insurance but doesn't include things like public liability, loss of drone etc.