Drone above the clouds

I have loved the idea of taking some photos above the clouds for quite a while now but didn't think that I would manage to get the right conditions to make sure that I could keep Visual Line of Sight (VLOS).

Whilst staying in my touring caravan at Blue Dolphin caravan site in Filey, I went for a walk. It was foggy, so didn't think that I would have a chance of a Drone Adventure but having now got the Mavic 2 Zoom, it's so small and easy to carry, I took it with me ... just in case.

Filey Map
Filey above the clouds map


It was quite eerie from the cliffs, you could hear the sea but could only see fog. As I walked further, I noticed that I could see blue sky ... I had found a area without fog ... I quickly got the drone up.

Spectacular views

I didn't have to take the drone very high to see some spectacular views over the clouds, out through towards Scarborough and Scarborough Castle.

Not many people get the opportunity to look over the fog. What a great hobby photographing with a Drone is.

The pictures below are log definition for the website to load quickly. Take a look here for better quality.


Here is what I think is a cool video of my drone adventure.

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