Willington Power Station

Willington Power station was closed down over 20 years ago but the cooling towers (Locally known as the 5 sisters) still remain.


Wilington Power station is in Derby (See map below)



I don't live near this place, so the times I have visited have just been opportune.

The first time, it was too windy to fly.

The 2nd time, the weather was just about okay but when I checked the NAT's app, I noticed that the runway areas had changed since I last checked (See below).

I called Derby air club, but there wasn't anything that I could do on the day, so this was my 3rd attempt (After agreeing with Derby air club my flight details).

Getting permission

Getting permission was quite painless. I needed:

  • Weight and type of drone
  • Proof of insurance
  • Details on where and how high I would be flying
  • A call on the day to say when I was starting and stopping my flight

Photos of the cooling towers

The high definition versions of the photos are here:


AEB Water Tower Shot


Here is my video. It's a bit long (I know) but I love this kind of thing.

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