A Drone Adventure to Derelict Old Park Farm, Wakefield

A summer evening after work, I decided to go for a drone adventure.

I didn't have much time but had seen someone flying a drone at a derelict farm on a drone forum and luckily someone had tagged it on Google. Search for "Old Park Farm, Wakefield" ... or look at my map below.

Situated just off the newly build A6149 it looked easy to access and park, which it was. Just over a bridge and some cars parked there already. Looks like a place people park to go for walks.

The exact age of the farm is not known but it is believed to date back at least to the early Victorian Era. The farm which was owned by Wakefield council up unto recently, has been run by a number of families over the years. Today the farm stands derelict; plagued by its recent history (I have heard that someone was murdered there and a few suicides - Not confirmed).


Here are some of my picture.

See the video: