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Drone Accessories

This page shows some of the drone accessories that I use and rate.

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Drone Landing Pad

A Drone Landing pad is great when there is long grass, sand or a gritty surface that you don't want blowing on the drone when taking off or landing.

Also good for people to know where the pilot of the drone is.

This is the one that I have. It folds up into a small bag... See me fitting it back into the bag here.

Read all about Drone Landing pads here

Manfrotto Drone Bag

This ISN'T the cheapest of bags but I do like the Manfrotto bags, the seem to be decent quality and lots of pockets.

This isn't the bag that I have but it's the next version along , a brilliant bag if you want to carry your drone plus camera etc.


I've read good and things about this DJI bag but I like it.

It's decent quality and will carry my drone, three batteries and the controller.

It's small and easy to carry around anywhere.

Drone Legs

These aren't something that I have used but the Mavic 2 series is quite low, so if you don't use a landing pad then I imagine that these could e useful when landing in longer grass or uneven surfaces.

Watch how to get the Drone landing pad back.